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Gift Ideas For Whisky Lovers

Gifts For Whisky Lovers

malt whisky giftsGift Ideas For Whisky Drinkers

If you’re looking for a gift for a whisky lover, then it’s usually not too hard a task. You can always get them a nice bottle of single malt and it will always be well received.

Choose their favorite tipple – or treat them to a bottle that they haven’t tried yet. Either option will produce the desired effect. Job done.

However, if you’re looking for something that’s a little different, and more permanent, then you’ve come to the right place. There are any number of different gifts that the whisky aficionado in you life will be absolutely delighted with – and they are all reviewed and discussed on this website.

Here are just a few suggestions to get you started, we can look at each one in more detail later if you wish.

Whisky Glasses

There are almost as many different types of whisky glass as there are different brands of whisky. Some whisky lovers can be very fussy about what type of glass they use, others less so. However, you can certainly pick out something that will be special to your whisky buff and which will enhance the pleasure that they derive from their imbibing.

Choose from shot glasses, tumblers, personalized glasses, crystal glasses and special “nosing” glasses (such as the Glencairn Scotch whisky glass), to name but a few of your options. Some of them come packaged in very nice gift sets. You can opt for a number of different glasses, a decanter with glasses or even a bottle of whisky with glasses.

As mentioned previously, different people have different ideas about what makes the perfect whisky glass – but if you choose a good one, and one which is well suited to the taste and preferences of the recipient, it will certainly be a gift which will be gratefully received.

Whisky Decanters

A nice whisky decanter is always a very classy gift choice for the whisky lover in your life. As with whisky glasses, there is no shortage of different styles for you to choose from.

Some people like decanters which are plain in design and which allow you to really appreciate the depth of color in the body of the whisky. Others like decanters which are somewhat more ornate, and you can find plenty of decanters with beautiful patterns cut into the glass which will sparkle, catch the light and reflect the color of the whisky.

As with glasses, you have the option of some very nice gift sets. A decanter and matching glasses is a very thoughtful gift – you can even have a message engraved on the decanter should you wish.

Whisky Flasks

A nice whisky flask is another perennial favorite gift for whisky lovers. It’s a device which is both useful and decorative.

There are plenty of different types to choose from and you can opt for different shapes, different materials and different styles of decoration if you wish.

They make great gifts for groomsmen and for other groups of friends – and you certainly have the option to personalize then by means of an engraved message if you wish.


teroforma whisky stones

Whisky Stones

Whisky stones are becoming extremely popular with whisky drinkers. They are usually made from soapstone, which is softer than glass and so won’t damage your glassware.

Normally they are in the shape of cubes, although you can get discs as well if you like. You simply put them into the freezer for a few hours and then put them into a glass of whisky – just as you would do with ice cubes.

However, unlike ice cubes, they don’t melt and dilute your drink, which would impair the flavor.

They usually come in muslin pouches to keep them together in the freezer and gift sets, with glasses and other whisky related items, are available.

whisky 101Books on Whisky

Despite their best efforts, there is a definite limit to the amount of whisky that even the most dedicated whisky buff can take on board. A little research will ensure that they choose their next tipple wisely.

Many whisky lovers spend (almost) as much time talking about whisky as they do drinking. Next on the list is research, and there are numerous publications and tasting notes that will ensure your favorite whisky devotee is kept up to speed on any brands that deserve their undivided attention.

There’s a lot of romance and tradition surrounding whisky, and the right book will help to ensure that whisky lovers are fully aware of the history and culture which is such an integral part of the whole whisky experience.

Whisky Related Gifts In Detail

Those are just a few gift suggestions for whisky fans everywhere. Have a look around the site for some more detailed information and suggestions. I’m sure that you’ll find something suitable.

In the meantime, here’s a very short slideshow to give you a few ideas. Use the left and right arrows to navigate through it. Any links or images are clickable:

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